04.075 Etainia louisella Copyright Martin Evans
 Distribution map Copyright Martin Evans
 Life stages table Copyright Martin Evans  04.075 Etainia louisella Copyright Martin Evans


04.075 Maple Seed Dot Etainia louisella (Sircom, 1849)


Similar species: Etainia decentella has a black head and a pale thorax. Etainia sericopeza is very similar but feeds on Norway Maple rather than Field Maple. If both foodplants are present check the genitalia.

Forewing: 2.5 to 4mm

Habitats: Deciduous woodland, woodland rides and woodland clearings and margins, parks and large gardens.


Foodplant: The larva mines a succession of the buds of Field Maple which drop after they have been hollowed out. The May generation pupates on the trunk or in the leaf litter. The summer generations pupate on the wing of the seed or a leaf surface.