49.184 Lobesia reliquana Copyright Martin Evans
 Distribution map Copyright Martin Evans
 Life stages table Copyright Martin Evans  49.184 Lobesia reliquana Copyright Martin Evans


49.184 Wood Marble Lobesia reliquana (Hübner, [1825])


Similar species:

Forewing: 5 to 6mm

Habitats: Open woodland, parkland, scrub, hedgerows and gardens.

Habits: The moth flies actively in early morning sunshine and again in the late afternoon and evening. It comes to light.

Foodplant: The larva spins the terminal shoots and leaves of oaks and less often birches and Blackthorn. It overwinters in a cocoon spun to a dead leaf or in the leaf litter, where it later pupates.

On the European mainland it has also been recorded feeding on Beech, Juniper, Goldenrod and Alkanet.