49.309 Dichrorampha plumbana Copyright Martin Evans
 Distribution map Copyright Martin Evans
 Life stages table Copyright Martin Evans  49.309 Dichrorampha plumbana Copyright Martin Evans


49.309 Lead-coloured Daisy Moth Dichrorampha plumbana (Scopoli, 1763)


Similar species: Unlike the majority of the Dichrorampha spp. this species does not have a leading edge fold. Dichrorampha sedatana and Dichrorampha aeratana also lack the leading edge fold. Check genitalia.

Forewing: 5.5 to 6.5mm

Habitats: Grassland, rough ground and coastal slopes.

Habits: The moth flies throughout the day in warm weather. The main flight period is in the evening. It occasionally comes to light.

Foodplant: The larva feeds in the rootstock of Ox-eye Daisy or Yarrow, where it tunnels into the roots. In the last instar it feeds in a web on the surface of the roots. It pupates in the soil.