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 Life stages table Copyright Martin Evans  73.020_essex_y.jpg


73.020 Essex Y Cornutiplusia circumflexa (Linnaeus, 1767)


Similar species: Boathouse Gem Thysanoplusia daubei is much smaller (12.5 to 15mm) with a central silver marking that is very elongated, making it look like the head and long beak of a bird. The outer central cross-line is white (rather than orange-brown) and clearly defined. Accent Gem Ctenoplusia accentifera is much smaller (11 to 14mm). There is dark area only on the outside of the central silver marking, rather than both inner and outer sides.

Forewing: 16 to 21mm

Habitats: In southern Europe it inhabits lower mountain slopes and arid rocky hillsides and scrub. There is an unconfirmed (hence not mapped) record of this moth being found in Essex prior to 1807. There was a single confirmed record at Sway, Hampshire in 1979.

Habits: The moth comes to light.

Foodplant: In southern Europe it is found on Potato, Garden Pea, meadow-grasses, crane's-bills, nettles, Tobacco, Cabbage, other Cruciferae and a wide variety of other low growing plants. It pupates on the foodplant attached to a leaf.