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 Life stages table Copyright Martin Evans  73.2225 The Salsovian Copyright Martin Evans


73.2225 The Salsovian / Rambur's Rustic Eremohadena chenopodiphaga (Rambur, 1832)


Similar species: If care is taken it should be possible to identify this moth without checking the genitalia as there are no similar British or Irish species, although some other European Eremohadena spp. are similar.

Forewing: 21 to 22mm

Habitats: Mainly warm, dry coastal areas where the larval food plants are found. It is locally distributed along the Mediterranean coast from eastern Spain to Italy, Crete, Cyprus. Also very locally from Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan.

Habits: The moth was first recorded in Plymouth, Devon on 29th October 2022. It comes to light and sugar.

Foodplant: The larvae are polyphagous on Goosefoots, Saltworts, Oraches and Sea-blites.