73.306 Silurian Copyright Martin Evans
 Distribution map Copyright Martin Evans
 Life stages table Copyright Martin Evans  73.306 Silurian Copyright Martin Evans


73.306 Silurian Eriopygodes imbecilla (Fabricius, 1794)


Similar species: A small but distinctive moth. Some males are paler than the one in the picture. Females are smaller and darker red brown.

Forewing: 10 to 13mm

Habitats: Deep hollows and gullies on high Bilberry moorland.

Habits: The male sometimes flies during the day. It is attracted to light between 2.00am and 4.00am. The female rarely visits light, but has occasionally been found flying in sunshine during the afternoon.

Foodplant: The nocturnal larva feeds on Bilberry and Heath Bedstraw, hiding during the day. It accepts Cleavers, Dandelion and plantains in captivity.

On the European mainland it has also been recorded feeding on knapweeds, scabious and dead-nettles.