49.275 Eucosma conterminana Copyright Martin Evans
 Distribution map Copyright Martin Evans
 Life stages table Copyright Martin Evans  49.275 Eucosma conterminana Copyright Martin Evans


49.275 Lettuce Tortrix Eucosma conterminana (Guenée, 1845)


Similar species:

Forewing: 7 to 9mm

Habitats: Chalk grassland, wasteground, quarries, road verges and gardens.

Habits: The moth is easily disturbed during the day, flies in the evening and later comes to light.

Foodplant: The larva at first lives in the flower-heads of Bitter Lettuce, Prickly Lettuce or cultivated Lettuce. It later mines into the ovaries of the seed-heads feeding on the developing seeds. In September the full-fed larva constructs a cocoon in the earth or the leaf litter, where it overwinters until it pupates in May.