63.028 Ostrinia nubilalis Copyright Martin Evans
 Distribution map Copyright Martin Evans
 Life stages table Copyright Martin Evans  63.028 Ostrinia nubilalis Copyright Martin Evans


63.028 European Corn-borer Ostrinia nubilalis (Hübner, 1796)


Similar species: Females are larger and paler in colour, which varies from pale brown to a creamy yellow.

Forewing: 13 to 17mm

Habitats: Wasteground, road verges, field margins and gardens.

Habits: The moth flies around Mugwort just after dark. It comes to light.

Foodplant: The larva feeds on Mugwort. It bores a stem near the ground then mines upwards, which causing the stems to snap easily at the point of entry. It overwinters full-fed in the stem near the ground and pupating there in May. It has occasionally been recorded feeding on Hop, mallows and Maize.